ESL Tutors 4 U About Us


ESL Tutors 4 U is established by caring education professionals. Too often many students fall through the cracks because they do not receive the individualized support they need in their classroom. This is where ESL Tutors 4 U comes to the rescue. In addition to providing individualized in-home tutoring sessions, our tutors will work as a team with you, your child and your child's teacher to ensure that your child is receiving the support he or she deserves.

ESL Tutors 4 U is operated and managed by Ontario certified teachers. Most of the tutoring centres out there are not operated or managed by teachers or educators. How do we know this? Just look at what is required to own a tutoring franchise. It mentions "no experience in education needed, just a desire to make money" It would therefore make sense that these tutoring organizations simply are not aware of the current school procedures and accommodations that could help your child succeed in their own classroom. Because we are teachers by day, we are at the forefront of education system. You can be rest assured that ESLTutors 4 U will do whatever it takes to help your child achieve success in his or her studies.

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